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Please explore this database of historic homes and other sites across the country, which shows the dedication to historic preservation that the Daughters of the American Revolution have demonstrated since the organization’s founding in 1890.

The Historic Preservation Committee is responsible for finding and cataloging all eligible sites and properties in which DAR is involved in the erection, ownership, funding, governance or oversight, or substantial maintenance. The committee also determines the condition of the sites and whether they are available to the public for tours. DAR historic sites, including cemeteries, forests, buildings, rooms and other important landmarks, are owned, operated and/or maintained by the national society, state societies or chapters.

The DAR Historic Sites and Properties Database was developed to showcase the various historic DAR properties and to encourage DAR members to submit information about the many other DAR properties that are not yet included in the database. For each property, the location, funding, historical significance, historical designations and available promotional material must be provided.


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