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Fee Schedule

The below rates are hourly, unless otherwise indicated: 

Rental Space Non-Profit Corporate Social
O'Byrne Gallery $450 $600 $600
Portico** $187.50 $250 $250
Connecticut Board Room $315 $420 $420
Banquet Hall $450 $600 $600
Library (as is) $450 $600 $600
Library (tables, lamps and chairs removed) $7,500* $7,500* $7,500*
President General's Assembly Room $315 $420 $420
National Officers' Club Assembly Room $315 $420 $420
Pennsylvania Foyer
Note: This space is included in any Memorial Continental Hall rental
Constitution Hall Lobby $4,500* $4,500* $4,500*
Load in/Load out:
Connecticut Board Room, National Officers' Club Assembly Room or President General's Assembly Room
$157.50 $210 $420
Load in/Load out:
O'Byrne Gallery, Library or Banquet Hall
$225 $300 $600

(*) Indicates flat fee -- security and maintenance fees additional (**) Portico rental time must equal entire event time. Portico can not be rented for partial event time. Portico is not available to be rented by itself (no restrooms or catering area).


Rental Space Seated Standing
O'Byrne Gallery
Note: Adjoining terrace and covered portico offers additional space.
140 200
Note: Higher capacity possible when using uncovered portions of patio.
50 120
Connecticut Board Room 60 75
Banquet Hall
Note: Seats 48 at hall's permanent tables.
100 180
Library (as is)
Note: Higher capacity possible when tables moved out.
100 200
President General's Assembly Room 75 100
National Officers Club Assembly Room 150 180
Constitution Hall Lobby 300-500 750
Pennsylvania Foyer 50 80


For details on room guidelines and restrictions, view Venue Details and Guidelines.  

For information and images of DAR Rooms, download the
DAR Private Events Brochure (PDF)