Literacy Promotion

As many as 44 million adults in this country cannot read at levels necessary to succeed in today's society. The NSDAR Literacy Promotion Committee was established in 1989 to meet the needs of the increasing number of illiterate individuals. As a result of this mission, DAR members across the country are meeting the challenge and helping those with significant literacy needs to learn to read, to gain self respect and confidence, and to reach life goals that otherwise would not be obtainable.

In the last year, more than 3,450 DAR members in 996 chapters accumulated 171,868 hours of volunteer service in the promotion of literacy among adults and children. DAR members taught English as a second language, donated books, helped students prepare for their GED, tutored reading, mentored 'at-risk' students, read to the blind, recorded books on tape, distributed brochures on literacy, partnered with literacy organizations, and raised funds for literacy. DAR members ask that mayors and local officials proclaim November 1 as National Family Literacy Day and encourage citizens to join DAR in becoming involved in literacy promotion. 


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