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Thirty thousand pines and a bronze marker were dedicated on June 25, 1940, at Bear Brook Park near Pembroke.


Fifty acres and a bronze marker were dedicated as a DAR Forest on October 15, 1940, in Lebanon State Park, now the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest in Woodland Township. Trails through the forest allow visitors to enjoy the scenery and biological diversity of the New Jersey Pine Barrens region. This region is the largest surviving open space on the eastern seaboard between the northern forests of Maine and the Everglades of Florida.


Four DAR chapters planted eight thousand trees in 1940 on Hyde Park Road, in Hyde Memorial State Park, eight miles northeast of Santa Fe. The park is located eight miles northeast of Santa Fe, next to the Santa Fe National Forest. Hyde Memorial State Park was named after Benjamin Talbot Hyde. Situated at an elevation of 8,500 feet in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it is one of the oldest parks in New Mexico. The park is used for recreation, camping, skating, picnicking and sledding.


The tree planting project for in 1941 took place on the Montgomery Reforestation Area No. 1. The New York Daughters provided the trees and supervised. The New York State Society furnished the funds for the employment of the labor necessary to plant the 125,000 trees on the site. A marker was erected to mark the project and dedicated on October 21, 1940.


Fifty thousand trees and two bronze markers were dedicated on May 15, 1940, in the Pisgah Forest which in 1940 was not part of Biltmore. The DAR President General took part in the dedication ceremony.


Due to the prolonged drought, the North Dakota Forestry Service advised DAR members of this state to plant large trees on private lands throughout the state.


OH DAR ForestThis 1940 winter scene of the DAR Marker dedication shows some of the original plantings for the DAR Plantation at the beautiful Mohican-Memorial Forest in Ashland County, midway between Columbus and Cleveland.




DAR Chapters planted Penny Pines and Redbud trees throughout Oklahoma in 1941.


A DAR Grove was planted in 1940 at Lythia Park, Ashland Reforestation Project, on Larch Mountain.

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