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Do you have a Revolutionary Patriot in your family tree? Membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) honors and preserves the legacy of your Patriot ancestor. Over two hundred years ago, American Patriots fought and sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. As a member of DAR, through participation in the Society’s various programs and activities, you can continue this legacy by actively supporting historic preservation, promotion of education, and patriotic endeavors. Click this link to see if you are eligible.


Membership is a Four-Step Process

Step One: Finding Your Lineage

Your first step toward membership requires establishing your lineage. There are many tools to help you accomplish this. There is a logical step-by-step process for establishing your lineage. You start by filling out a pedigree chart. The following links are provided to assist you.

Genealogy Begins Here
Finding Your Lineage
Pedigree Chart  
Obtaining Vital Records
Documenting Recent Generations - Suggested Sources
Hot Tips from the Lineage Research Committee 

Step Two: Identify Your Patriot Ancestor

There are many resources available to assist you in your search. First, check the Acceptable Service link below to identify the time period and categories of acceptable service. Your patriot did not necessarily have to fight. He/She could have provided civil or patriotic service. Next, the DAR Patriot Index Lookup Service will search our database of previously submitted ancestors. If your ancestor isn’t listed in our Index you will want to check records in the state in which your ancestor lived. Our publication, Is That Service Right? lists well-documented sources for each of the original thirteen states. The DAR Library has many of these sources. Finally, there are chapter and state Lineage Research Chairmen who will assist you throughout the application process.

Acceptable Service
DAR Patriot Index Lookup Service
Is That Service Right?
DAR Library
National Archives Order for Copies of Veterans Records
Application Paper Copy Request

Step Three: Find A Chapter

Next, you need to contact a chapter in your area. There are nearly 3,000 chapters worldwide from which to choose. Once you’ve identified a chapter in your area, click on the email link, fill in the prospective member form and choose "send." Should there not be a chapter close to you, please contact us.

Find A Chapter
Contact Us

Step Four: Application Process

Once you’ve found a chapter, you will begin the application process. You will need to provide proof for each date and place, for each generation, starting with yourself and going back lineally to your Patriot. In the first three generations, these proofs would consist of photocopies of birth, marriage, and death documents. For other generations back to the Patriot, one or more of the following items would usually be considered acceptable proof: cemetery records, tombstone inscriptions, obituaries, probate records, wills, census records, Bible records, local histories, and well-documented genealogies. Relationships between generations MUST be proven. Data submitted as proof is subject to DAR standards and interpretation. For further information concerning acceptable proof or for locating sources of proof, contact the Chapter Registrar or Chapter Lineage Research Chairman.

You do not need to complete an application worksheet before attending a chapter meeting. You do not even need to have identified your Patriot Ancestor. By attending a local chapter meeting, you will meet DAR members who have the experience to assist you in obtaining your goal of DAR membership.

Genealogy Worksheet
Worksheet Instructions


Membership Information Request Form
DAR Patriot Lookup Service
Membership Eligibility
Application Paper Copy Requests Information
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