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National Headquarters,Washington, D.C.

Encompassing an entire city block, DAR Headquarters is one of the world’s largest buildings of its kind owned and maintained exclusively by women. We invite you to explore all there is to offer at our National Headquarters.

Take a peek at some of what you can see and do at DAR National Headquarters:

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DAR Buildings

Memorial Continental Hall

Administration Building

Constitution Hall
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DAR Museum

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Americana Collection
Memorial Continental Hall

Memorial Continental Hall, the oldest building of the DAR complex, was designed in 1905 by prominent Washington Architect Edward Pearce Casey, designer of the interior of the Library of Congress.

Upon its completion, Memorial Continental Hall was quickly recognized as one of Washington, D.C.’s most elegant buildings. The design for the building is in the classical revival style of the beaux-arts. Because of its classical detailing, the Hall fits in well with the Colonial Revival movement.

Memorial Continental Hall was designated as a Registered National Historic Landmark in 1935 for its role in world history, which includes hosting the famous Conference on the Limitation of Armaments in the wake of WWI (1921). Diplomats from all over the globe met to discuss limits on the proliferation of arms. Their work at Memorial Continental Hall remains a recognized milestone in global peace efforts towards disarmament.

Today, visitors come to view: 

  • Over 30 Period Rooms displaying different scenes from early American homes
  • The Extensive genealogical research collection of the DAR Library

This beautiful building continues to host a variety of events, including weddings, television and movie filmings and large corporate gatherings. For more information on holding events at DAR headquarters, visit Entertaining at DAR

"Memorial Continental Hall" Video:

Please view the rest of the "Memorial Continental Hall" video on YouTube.

Constitution Hall

Constitution Hall was built in 1929 and designed by John Russel Pope. The Hall is home to the exciting DAR Continental Congress, which takes place each July.

Since 1930, members of the DAR have come to Constitution Hall to vote on bylaws and elect new officers during their annual convention. over the years, Constitution Hall has hosted many popular performers and speakers.

In 1985, the Department of the Interior designated the building a National Historic Landmark due to its national recognition as a center for the performing arts.

With a seating capacity of 3,702, DAR Constitution Hall is the largest concert hall in Washington, D.C. It hosts a variety of events including concerts, speakers, films, graduations, corporate events, award ceremonies, television productions and gala dinners.


For more information on the Constitution Hall Schedule, see Constitution Hall Schedule.

For more information on event planning or reserving space in this building, see Entertaining at DAR.

Administration Building

The Administration Building, nestled between Memorial Continental Hall and Constitution Hall, houses many of the DAR’s administrative offices. Visitors are invited to visit or contact the Administration Building with inquires regarding:

The Administration Building also contains the Americana Collection and the main Museum Gallery.


For information on event planning or reserving space in this building, see Entertaining at DAR.

DAR Museum

The DAR Museum offers:

  • A collection of over 30,000 early American artifacts
  • Two Galleries with Rotating Exhibits
  • 31 Period Rooms depicting early American life
  • One of the most significant quilt collections in the world
  • Specialized Education Programs


Museum Hours

Admission: Free

For more information: DAR Museum

DAR Library

One of the nation's premier centers for genealogy

The DAR Library, housed in Memorial Continental Hall, is an inviting place to visit as well as to conduct research. Those looking for more information about their ancestors may find it in the DAR Library, which has an extensive array of genealogical resources. Many of these items are not available elsewhere.      

The DAR Library offers:


Library Hours

Admission: DAR, SAR and CAR Members, Free; Non-Members, $6.00 Research Fee.

More information: DAR Library

"The DAR Library" Video:

Please view the rest of "The DAR Library" video on YouTube.

DAR Americana Collection

This intimate gallery contains early American manuscripts and printed materials, such as newspapers, rare books, prints, and items of historical significance to the DAR.

The Americana Collection Offers:

  • Rare complete collection of all the Signers of Declaration of Independence
  • Revolutionary War documents, letters, newspapers, almanacs, and diaries
  • Memorabilia from the Daughters’ volunteer efforts during times of national crisis
  • Exhibits spotlighting notable DAR members


Americana Collection Hours

Admission: Free

More information: Americana Collection

All buildings and galleries at DAR Headquarters are open to the public. Please call (202) 628-1776 with any questions. See Hours and Visitor Information for details on traveling to the building. We hope to see you soon!

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