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Anne Arundel County 
1090 Generals Highway 
Crownsville, MD 21032

Historical Significance:

THE RISING SUN INN is located nine miles northwest of Annapolis.  It is a hip-roofed structure of pre-Revolutionary days.  In 1753, Charles Worthington deeded a part of a tract of the land known as “Howard’s First Choice” to Edward Baldwin who bequeathed it to his sons, James and Henry, the latter’s portion being known as “Rising Sun.” Used for a number of purposes over the years, the historic building has passed through many hands. In 1916, the Inn (along with 1/4 acre of land) was given by its last owner, R. Thomas Williams, to the Ann Arundel Chapter to be “maintained as an historical spot and structure or museum.” By 1925, Chapter members had repaid a $5,000 loan borrowed to restore the deteriorated structure. The Chapter purchased land around the Inn as it became available, and presently
owns 1.625 acres. The last small piece of land was acquired in 1975.
In former years, the house and grounds immediately surrounding it were enclosed by a white picket fence with a swinging gate on which a rising sun emblem appeared. The wide brick chimney, with inset closet, and much of the original woodwork are still in good condition. The Inn is significant for its unusual brickwork as the massive chimney on one side is made of all header bonded brick through the entire height. The rooms in the house are furnished with pieces dating from the late 18th and 19th centuries, although not original to the house. Other pieces are on display throughout the home and in the small museum downstairs. 
On May 15, 1980, the Anne Arundel County Committee of the Maryland Historical Trust awarded the Ann Arundel Chapter, NSDAR, the Marjorie Murray Bridgman Award for historic preservation in recognition of their work in restoring and preserving the Rising Sun Inn during a period of 64 years. In 1985, the Rising Sun Inn was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1997, the Chapter established the Friends of the Rising Sun Inn, Inc. to help with raising funds for the purpose of preservation projects related to the property. Since that time, the Chapter has 
earned two grants from the State of Maryland to assist with this important, ongoing preservation work. 

Historic Marker:

  • Marker Organization: Ann Arundel Chapter, NSDAR
  • Marker Date: 1916
  • Marker Text: Rising Sun Inn Home of Henry Baldwin 1753-1793 Owner of Rising Sun Farm, Part of Howard's First Choice. He served in the Maryland Line 1777-1783, and was successfully promoted from sergeant to lieutenant. He was an original Member of the Cincinnati.


Acknowledgements: The Rising Sun Inn is owned, operated, and maintained by the Ann Arundel Chapter for the past 95 years. This property took second Place in the Eastern Division in 2011.
Form Submitted By: Ann Arundel Chapter, NSDAR 4/6/2010; Updated 7/9/2015
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