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Each administration, the President General undertakes a project that addresses the relevant and pressing needs of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. The President General’s Project for the Young Administration—Celebrate America!—is a comprehensive campaign which aims to:

  • Restore and improve the NSDAR complex of historic buildings
  • Promote membership
  • Advance the technological capabilities of NSDAR
  • Enhance the awareness of the DAR and our valuable assets
  • Fund community grants that further the organization’s mission to promote historic preservation, education, and patriotism

to the President General's Project!

Examples of projects that will be funded through contributions to the President General’s Project include:

  • Expansion of internet bandwidth, which will be a major step toward making the DAR Public Website a premier educational resource for Daughters, teachers, students, and others
  • Increased public accessibility to the holdings of the DAR Americana Collection via digitization of the collection
  • Installation of a solar energy array on the roof of Constitution Hall, which will allow NSDAR to stabilize and reduce electric energy costs
  • Replacement of the cooling towers and the chilled water and condenser water pumping system in Constitution Hall

To undertake these and other projects, we need YOUR help!


Each and every contribution, no matter the size is extremely valuable to our work.  Collectively your donations make a big impact on the projects that will be funded!  Special opportunities for gifts also exist.

  • Contributions of $100 are eligible to purchase the President General’s Project Pin
  • Contributions of $250 or more are eligible for an inscription on the President General’s Project Donor Wall
  • Contributions of $1,000 are considered Benefactors and are gifted their Benefactor Pin by NSDAR and receive recognition at Continental Congress