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General Information

Previously verified DAR membership and supplemental applications can be used as genealogical research tools as well as documentation for new applications. As long as there is no reason to believe that the lineage or service is incorrect on an older application paper, it can always be used as genealogical proof documentation. If DAR verified the lineage in the past, the applicant does not necessarily have to send documentation to DAR to prove her entire lineage, therefore expediting the process for the applicant and the verifying genealogist.

Copies of previously verified DAR membership applications (record copies) can be ordered from the Library Copy Services Office. Please note, record copies only consist of the application, and not copies of the supporting documentation that originally accompanied it. The latter is available through the Library Search Service (see below).

  • Beginning in July 2010, the DAR will only provide copies of membership applications and supplemental applications (i. e. “record copies”) with a shortened first page that contains the following information: the name of the member, the member’s national number, the date her application was approved for membership, and the name of her patriot ancestor. A chapter’s original first copy of an approved application will still contain a copy of the original first page.
  • Beginning in November 2010, the cost of each record copy ordered will be $10.00 for orders placed electronically with a credit card (see below) and $15.00 for orders placed by mail or by fax (see below).


Limitations to Use of the Record Copy You Receive

Copies of NSDAR membership applications or supplemental applications may not be resold, digitized, posted online, or published in any form. They are for the sole use of the person ordering the copy and may of course be cited or quoted in publications using appropriate citations methods. See American Genealogical Research at the DAR, Washington, D. C., Chapter 14, “ Citing, Quoting, and Reproducing DAR Sources” for more information.

Policies Establishing Access to Copies of Approved DAR Applications and Supplemental Applications

Policies authorizing access to record copies of application papers are set by the Executive Committee of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and are regularly reviewed to ensure currency and security of member information

DAR Library Copy Services Office

This office processes orders for record copies received by mail and by fax and serves as the contact office for questions relating to electronic record copy orders. The phone number for this office is 202-879-3251 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a. m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time), and the email address is

The Library Copy Services Office does not answer questions relating to the content of applications and supplemental applications or to corrections to them. Similarly, this office is not involved with the processing of new applications or supplemental applications. For these subjects, please see the section below title “Contact Information for Related Topics.”.

Instructions for Ordering Application Record Copies

Application papers of active, deceased, resigned, or dropped DAR members may be ordered for a fee of $10.00 per paper for electronic orders or $15.00 per paper for copies ordered by mail or by fax from either:

(1) the Online Record Copy Page. Using a credit card, customers may order a record copy electronically for $10.00 and will receive almost instantly a link to a pdf for printing the record copy at home once the payment has been authorized. The link will be valid for one week after the date of the order. Please use the DAR’s online Genealogical Research System (GRS) to help chose the record copy you wish to order. The GRS supersedes the old DAR Lineage Books (166 volumes) and the various published versions of the DAR Patriot Index (most recent: red cover, 2003, 3 vols.).

 Instructions for Ordering Application Record Copies Online

Online ordering of record copies began in July 2010. By placing an online order with a credit card, customers will receive a nearly instantaneous link to a pdf of the requested application or supplemental. They can then print the record copy at home, receiving the information they need more quickly than by the traditional mail or fax methods for ordering described below. Watermarks are included as proof that these copies were purchased directly from the DAR.


(2) the Library Copy Services Office using the Postal Service or by fax. The staff may need to perform considerable research to fill your request, so it would be helpful if you could provide as much information as possible to help them expedite this search. Again, by using the online Genealogical Research System (GRS) you can provide current details to help with your order.This $15.00 fee is for the searching, copying, and other costs associated with the production and mailing of a paper copy of each record copy you order by mail or fax. If the requested paper is not available, the fee is not refundable. You will be notified if a problem arises with your order or if a paper is not available for some reason.

 Instructions for Ordering Application Record Copies by Mail or Fax and Request for Record Copy Form

Mail Orders

Please complete one copy of the Request for Record Copy (PDF) form for each paper you wish to order. Include a check in the proper amount ($15.00 per paper) made payable to "Treasurer General NSDAR" with your order. If you are requesting a copy of more than one application or multiple copies of one application, you may pay with one check for the total amount and include all of the forms in the same envelope. All orders are processed in order of their receipt.
Mail record copy orders to: Library Copy Services, DAR Library, 1776 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006-5303. Please do not address the order only to the DAR Library.

Fax Orders

You may also order record copies by fax using the Request for Record Copy (PDF) form. Payment may be made with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. Faxed orders will be processed in order of their receipt along with mail order requests.
Fax record copy orders to: (202) 777-2372

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Pending Orders for Record Copy Orders Not Yet Received

If you have an inquiry about a problem with an existing order you have placed for a record copy and for which the required pre-payment has been made, you may email the Library Copy Services Office at Requests for record copies of applications and supplementals are processed in the order in which they are received whether by mail or by fax. Processing times vary depending on demand.

Documentation Supporting an Application or a Supplemental Application

If you need information on how to order copies of the supporting documentation for approved (1890 to the present) DAR applications or supplemental applications, please contact the DAR Library’s Search Service. The Search Service handles all requests to have searches done to determine if documentation supporting an application or a supplemental application exists in the file collection. Many applications do not have this supporting material, and the only way to determine if documentation exists is for the Search Service to conduct research in our file collection. The telephone number for the DAR Library Search Service is (202) 879-3245.

General Information Inquiries Relating to the DAR Library

Please send any general inquiries relating to the DAR Library and the genealogical research collections in it to or call (202) 879-3229, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Eastern time.

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Application Record Copy Limitations

The Daughters of the American Revolution, through the Library Copy Services Office, provides copies of previously verified applications and supplemental applications, when available. DAR does not guarantee that the information found on any application is the most current or that it is now accepted by the DAR Genealogy Department. The record copies are sent as additional tools for use in your research.
Please note:  DAR does not have information on every patriot serving during the American Revolution, only those established by our members.

When is an application paper not available for copying?

  1. When a member has requested that her papers not be shared. Members may no longer close their papers, but we still honor that request for those active members who did close their papers before the policy change in 1985.
  2. When the time frame for the requested information occurs before April 19, 1775 or after November 26, 1783. There are some exceptions for certain events in 1774.
  3. When no DAR member has established an ancestor as a patriot thereby creating a paper.
  4. When a patriot has only been established through a grave marking or a commemorative marker because there is no application paper to send.
  5. When a paper is requested through a specific child that has not been established by a DAR member because there is no application paper to send.

A paper may contain little or no information because . . .

  1. Older forms from the 1890s or early to mid- 20th century may be incomplete because certain information was not required or provided at the time the paper was prepared. DAR does not assume responsibility for the completeness of any application, so please be aware of this situation before ordering.
  2. Short form applications (two-page forms) may not contain full lineage, reference, and service information, because they only go back from a member a few generations and then tie in with another earlier paper that traces back to a Revolutionary War patriot ancestor. We only send copies of short form applications when the request is made for a specific member’s name or for a specific national number.

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Contact Information for Related Topics

Pending  Membership Applications or Supplemental Applications
(i. e., those recently submitted for approval)

If you have a question relating to pending applications or supplementals, contact either the Registrar General's Data Processing office at, or the Registrar General's Genealogy Department at

General Information Inquiries Relating to the DAR Application Process

Please send any general inquiries relating to the application process or the Genealogy Department (the Office of the Registrar General) to or

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