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The DAR Executive Committee is made up of twelve executive officers. The 2016-2019 officers are:

  • Ann Turner Dillon
    President General
  • Denise Doring VanBuren 
    First Vice President General
  • Pamela Rouse Wright 
    Chaplain General
  • Morgan Meyr Lake 
    Recording Secretary General
  • Virginia Grace Lingelbach 
    Corresponding Secretary General
  • Nancy Garrison Hemmrich 
    Organizing Secretary General
  • Carol Oakley Jackson 
    Treasurer General
  • Mary Bannister Frisch 
    Registrar General
  • Virginia Hudson Trader 
    Historian General
  • Patricia Musick Hatfield 
    Librarian General
  • Barbara McDonald Frankenberry 
    Curator General
  • Cornelia Ball Olde 
    Reporter General