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Writers Guidelines

Editorial Focus

American Spirit focuses on Early American history, historic preservation, genealogy, patriotism, civics education, women’s history and biography, and historic travel and tourism. The magazine’s primary timeframe encompasses the Colonial period, the 200-plus years between the Jamestown colony and the 1820s. We also tend to focus on the American experience as it relates to women, and we like stories that link past and present. 

Contact Information

American Spirit is published for NSDAR by Hammock Publishing.

Hammock Inc.
Attn: Jamie Roberts
210 25th Ave. N., Suite 900
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 690–3406
Fax: (615) 690–3401

Rather than unsolicited articles, we prefer to hear story ideas, also known as queries. The most successful queries are tightly focused and contain a unique perspective. Direct queries to Managing Editor Ms. Jamie Roberts at of Hammock, Inc., which partners with NSDAR to publish American Spirit.

Story ideas on appropriate topics received from DAR members will be given fair consideration for inclusion. However, in cases where such material is accepted, no payment will be extended to members, who should consider their submission part of their contributions as a member of the National Society owing to our status as a nonprofit, service organization.

The American Spirit editorial staff may revise, edit, condense or otherwise alter any submission. Alternatively, the editor may return a piece to the author for further editing, revision or modification at no additional payment.

To be considered as a freelance writer and entered into Hammock’s database, submit a resume and samples of previously published work. If return is desired, please include SASE and correct postage.