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The DAR accepts Y-DNA evidence in support of new member applications and supplemental applications. Y-DNA evidence submitted along with other documentation will be considered along with all of the other source documentation provided to prove heritage. Y-DNA will not be considered as stand-alone proof of lineage because while it can be used as a tool point to a family, it cannot be used as absolute proof for an individual.

There are three types of DNA tests that are available commercially to genealogists. These include Y-DNA; mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) and autosomal DNA tests. Each type of DNA test has its advantages and limitations. At this time, Y-DNA tests offer the most reliable means of using DNA evidence for DAR application papers. Y-DNA is passed from father to son, so only males can be tested, therefore women applying for DAR membership will need to find appropriate male surrogates to take the Y-DNA test.

Those who are interested in submitting DNA evidence as proof of lineage along with their other traditional proof documentation must submit Y-DNA test results from at least two test subjects following the criteria outlined in the Guidelines for Using DNA Evidence for DAR Applications.

Family Tree DNA — Y-DNA 37 Marker Test

Family Tree DNA, the DAR's preferred testing partner, is offering $30 off their Y-DNA 37 Marker Test as a special DAR discount. Family Tree DNA is not the only provider of genetic genealogy tests, but they have the largest Y marker database in the world. The Y-DNA 37 test offered by Family Tree DNA includes a designated marker set that meets the reporting criteria outlined in the Test Requirements for Using DNA Evidence for DAR Applications.

Those who are interested in using Family Tree DNA results for DAR applications can visit the DAR page on their website for more information and to take advantage of this special offer:

DNA and DAR Online Genealogy Course

If you are interested in learning more about Y-DNA and how it can be used for the DAR application process, there is an online genealogy class "DNA and DAR: Using DNA as a Piece of the Evidence for a DAR Application." The course will provide an introduction to the basics of DNA and applying DNA to genealogical research along with the impact of DNA on the process of documenting a DAR application.

Click here to learn more and to register for the online DNA genealogy course:
DAR Genealogical Education Program Courses

Additional Resources

Please use these other DAR resources to learn more about Y-DNA and the DAR application process: