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Moving Forward in Service to America 

The goal of the President General’s Project for the Dillon Administration is to continue moving forward in our commitment to promote the DAR as we volunteer in our communities and in our nation. We will move forward in:

  • Restoring and improving the NSDAR complex of historic buildings
  • Supporting chapters through membership and community service promotions
  • Advancing technological and financial accounting capabilities that serve to reinforce the Society’s promotion of history, education and patriotism
  • Designing tools and techniques to increase public recognition of DAR’s service and contributions to the Nation including, but not limited to, funding Special Projects Grants
  • Furthering the financial stability of the Society through the promotion of established development programs and prudent investment strategies

As we move forward in service to God, Home and Country, we renew our commitment to promote our founders’ vision through education, historic preservation and patriotism.

President General's Project