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Portable Education Programs

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Grades 5-8: Teaching Object-Based Learning with the DAR Museum’s North Carolina Sampler

This lesson uses close-looking strategies to help students appreciate the value of objects in learning about history.

Grades 8-12: Inspiring Change: Women’s Education in 19th Century America

This is a teacher resource designed for 8th-12th grade classrooms. This guide aims to explore female education and its improvements which lead to the Women’s Rights Movement in the 19th century. Using an object-based exploration strategy to facilitate conversation, educators can demonstrate how objects may be used as primary sources for understanding history. This introductory document provides instructions on how to use this guide, Common Core Standards, and a historical overview of the topic. 

Lesson 1: How do society’s expectations influence education?

This lesson looks at the early curricula of female education and explores what the societal expectations of women were at the time.

Lesson 2: How do we determine the value of education?

This lesson considers why education is a valuable asset for empowering individuals and looks at an example of early advocacy for improved women’s education. 

Lesson 3: What makes attitudes towards education change over time?

This lesson shows examples of progressive female education in the 19th century and explores some of the obstacles women faced in obtaining their rights. 

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