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Sussex County 
536 Pilottowan Road 
Lewes, DE 19958

Historical Significance:

The Thomas Maull House is one of the oldest houses in Lewes. It was built around 1739. In the foundation can be seen ballast stones brought to this new country in the hold of ships. Samuel Paynter, a carpenter, built the house and in 1741 sold it to Luke Shields, Sr., a Delaware Bay and River Pilot. This was known as Pilottowan because so many river pilots lived here. John Maull lived next door and died in 1753. Luke Shields married his widow and the Maull children grew up here. Maull ownership did not occur until 1836 when the grandson of John Maull, Thomas S. Maull, took possession. From 1836 to 1959 Maulls occupied this house.

Acknowledgements: The Thomas Maull House is owned, operated, and maintained by the Colonel David Hall Chapter, NSDAR.
Form Submitted By: The Colonel David Hall Chapter 01/18/2013