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Who qualifies for the scholarships provided by the NSDAR and do you have to be a member of the organization?

  • All applicants must be a United States citizen who is attending or planning on attending an accredited college or university in the United States.
  • There are two membership based scholarships (Lillian & Arthur Dunn and Margaret Howard Hamilton) that NSDAR offers. All other scholarships are open to all US citizens who qualify based on the requirements of each scholarship.

If a student is applying for a DAR membership related scholarship through their mother, does the student of a step mother have the same eligibility?

  • Yes. You must provide proof (Marriage Certificate) to show eligibility for the scholarship.

Is the transcript submitted with the application supposed to be the official transcript or an unofficial copy?

  • When submitting your application, the transcript can be an unofficial one. If you are chosen as a recipient for the scholarship you will have to submit the official transcript before payment of the scholarship is processed. In the event that we do not receive an official transcript you will forfeit your scholarship and it will be given to the next qualified recipient.

Do all scholarship applications require a Financial Need Form?

  • There are three scholarships that require this form. They are the Mildred Nutting Nursing Scholarship, Caroline E. Holt Scholarship, and the Occupational Therapy Scholarship. All other scholarships do not require this form.

When will students get notified that they are a winning recipient of a scholarship?

  • All scholarship recipients will be notified only by email no later than the second week of May. If you do not respond within the deadline date that is given to you, you will forfeit your scholarship and it will be given to an alternate student.

How do you fill out the “College/University” section of the application if you haven’t gotten any acceptances yet?

  • Please note “Awaiting acceptance” or “Undecided” in this field. If you are a chosen recipient, you can provide us with this information at a later date.

Can letters of recommendation be emailed separately from the application?

  • You or your sponsor can email these letters separately; however, when submitting this email they must include your name in the subject line and email address so that the letters can be linked to your previous application.

Are the requirements for the GPA’s on a weighted or unweighted grading scale?

  • Depending on the grading system that your school/university uses, it must be equivalent to a 4.0 on their grading scale. Schools that use a “Pass/Fail” grading system must be able to provide some type of written documentation from the school (if requested by NSDAR) to prove their grading system.

When is the scholarship payment mailed to your school/university?

  • All scholarship payments will be mailed out during the first week in August. All of the requested information must be sent in by the deadline that is given to you when you are notified that you are a recipient of a scholarship.